Bobby Mcgraw

helping leaders experience the double win

Often the most difficult person we lead is ourselves

When we grow past our limits, both our influence and impact grows!

About Bobby

My name is Bobby McGraw. I am a credentialed Executive Coach known for helping overwhelmed leaders get out of their own way.

I often work with leaders who feel like they keep bumping into an invisible leadership lid. At times, they feel as though the hardest person they lead is themselves.

I help these leaders grow past their lids, enabling both their influence and impact to grow.

By drawing on my varied leadership experience in the military, for-profit, and non-profit organizations, coupled with best-in-class frameworks, coaching skills, & tools, I can help you become a great leader both at work and at home. I aim to make it nearly impossible for you not to experience the Double Win.

You really can win at work and succeed in life.

Team Coaching

When leaders become better, it trickles down to employees, family, and beyond. This process is expedited when an entire team is on the same page, growing together. Team Coaching is a powerful tool to help give purpose to what you do!

One on One Coaching

Do you want to see success in every aspect of your life? Do you want to learn to be intentional, rather than reactive? It’s easy to get distracted when you don’t have clear goals or accountability. With One-on-One Coaching, you will learn how to have both!


Keynote Speaking

Attending a live or online event is one of the best ways to start gaining traction towards a purposeful life. Don’t let busyness continue to cloud what’s important. Join The Becoming Co. for a live event soon!


  • Developing Executive Presence & Influence Skills
  • Developing a Healthy Team Culture
  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs/Mindsets
  • Time Management and Productivity for Greater Impact
  • Individual Coaching, Group Training, and Keynote Addresses


Full Focus Tools & Frameworks

  • The Weekly Preview
  • The Quarterly Preview
  • SMARTER Goals
  • The Freedom Compass
  • Vision Scripter
  • Full Focus Planner
  • Full Focus Self-coacher

Additional Resources

My extended team and I are able to coach and consult on a number of other business needs:

  • Business Made Simple Coaching
  • HR Consulting
  • Six Sigma Consulting
  • Messaging & Communications Consulting

what others have to say

I have experienced top notch coaching from Bobby. He’s helped me organize my life and determine what should be at the top of my priority list! I now know that I can feel productive, but not overwhelmed, and I can truly live my best life!

Rachel Bramlett

One-on-One Coaching

Bobby McGraw is a fresh voice proclaiming vintage truth.

I am impressed not only with his humor and connectivity but his ability to captivate your spiritual heart through his speaking giftedness.

Bobby is a friend and I have had the privilege to serve alongside him in a National Tour. I have seen him on the stage and off if it. What did I find? What you see is what you get. Authenticity.

Tony Nolan

Keynote Speaker

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